Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Dealing With Loss

Had a very good visit with out Son’s new primary physician. His eyes enlarged as we spoke about the sudden death of his Aunt, and then the move.

A lot of changes….and our kids do not process loss/grief the same as adults. Our kids are not able to express themselves like we can.  It was evident that our Son has been through a MAJOR series of events…..

He lost his Dear Aunt…..moved to another State….left friends and his comfort zone…..

He still does not want to admit that he has dealt with any type of stress! He just smiled and says he is happy!

Yet…I know….and all those close to him know…he is dealing with a LOT!  It is just his childhood perspective that is attempting to protect him. 

Armed with great info from his new doc, I know what to watch for….I will continue to watch our son diligently.  I will offer assistance…have him draw pictures, color, write…or, simply listen to whatever tangent he had to say. 

All this…while I draw upon the strength that I glean from my Baby Sis!  I grasp….I claw….I want to possess strength!  I want to share complete confidence….

It is hard!  This IS truly the hardest challenge!  How do I share strength and courage…..when I am struggling with loss?

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