Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Those Darn Drug Commercials!

I am writing this for family and friends of loved ones dealing with Fibromyalgia….
Watching TV you would think that Lyrica or Cymbalta is a cure all drug….that it will allow someone suffering from Fibromyalgia to have a “normal” life….
This is simply not true! As my doctors have told me….Lyrica is a last resort drug….the side effects are great. As for Cymbalta….I am grateful for the subtle effect is has on sleep…that is it allows a few hours in my case. 

Yes….I am one of those “unique” complicated cases…so I have a low dose. Any higher would have my internals, including my colostomy, in an uproar!

The same goes for the other med that I take at night…Amitriptyline. I am on a very low dose because this med shuts down (it does NOT slow down) my intestines. 

Amitriptyline has given me a cluster of hours…can be 4-5 of solid sleep. As noted, I cannot do more because my intestinal track is TOTALLY over sensitive!

This makes trying medications for the overwhelming symptoms of Polyarthralgia and Fibromyalgia very frustrating!

The media…or rather…the drug companies would prefer that everyone believe there is a simple pull that can fix our issues! NOT TRUE!!

Those of us suffering with various conditions and illnesses understand. What we deal with on a daily basis is tough….it is the toughest thing that we have to deal with…apart from being a Mother, a Father, a Spouse!

I wish the drug companies were not allowed to promote their products….pills do not solve problems! Medications can be a tool!

Yet…some of us are dealt a hand…..we are entrusted with a diagnosis that does not have an easy answer….

We can only join together….to build each other up….to educate those around us….and pray for a better understanding of our illness/disease.

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