Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


I received my rejection letter from Social Security saying that they do not think I am disabled. 

Deep breath….okay….I can barely walk from my living room to the bathroom….my entire body hurts so much….I can barely type this!  LOL  Yet….I will endure the increased pain to prove my point!!!!

There is NO way that I could hold a job!  My own doctor would allow me no more than 5 hours….of those 5 hours….there MIGHT be 2 hours of work!  Now….WHAT company would hire me to do 2 hours of work…AND pay me for 5 hours?  (Other than the Government of course!!)….LOL

I did the Bank Reconciliation for us at home today….WOW!  Their were 4 checks that I had COMPLETELY spaced!  Tell me…how would that translate into a working environment?!?!?!?!  It WOULD NOT!

My point?!??!  I am more sick than they can imagine!  Yet…because it is NOT visible….they have NO IDEA how much of a predicament I am in!  

I am LUCKY to walk across the room to the kitchen….maybe 10 steps….(this reads 2 MILES)……I must use my RAZR to reach our shop/garage which is about 1/4 mile from house…..(this reads….a minimum of 20 MILES)…..

I am currently at war with my body…..the sensations are completely overwhelming!  I have NO say in this! I am a PRISONER within my OWN body!  There is NOTHING I can do!  I just…..quietly hope that at some point….at some time…my body will settle down….will understand that I am NOT the enemy….

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  1. I had to be denied three times and then get a lawyer before I actually got social security. https://trynabpainfreemomma.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/fibromyalgia-and-social-security/

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