Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Yes….I know my Sis was with us this morning…..we went to Cabela’s (hunting outfitter store) just outside of Idaho Falls…about an hour North of us….

We headed out knowing we needed a new scope for my gun that my hubby and son had had retrofitted so that I could shoot long distance with it.  (For those not familiar…this means…they ordered a longer barrel…and had it fitted to my gun….it would allow me to shoot at longer distances….700 – 1,000 yards.)  They also had me pick out a new stock (the part of the gun that you hold when shooting)…..I had picked out a laminate, thumb hole style stock.  This is AWESOME!  I found out today….that when my hands are hurting terribly……can barely handle anything…..I could handle and easily cradle my gun!   YEAH!!!!

Back to my story!  We were at looking at scopes….needed to find a new one that would work well with all the changes to my gun…..”See You Again” by Carrie Underwood began to play on the speakers at the store….

Yes! Thank you, Sis!  Thank you for the reminder that you ARE watching….you ARE aware of what is going on….YOU ARE with me even though I cannot physically see you or feel you……

Your presence meant SO MUCH to me today!  YES…I did tear up…..it was refreshing….knowing that you are still HERE!  YOU are still with me and supporting me!  I hope that you will enjoy this year’s hunt!

Watch from my shoulder….please whisper a prayer…..for a big bodied buck….so that I can help feed my family!

This year will be awesome!  It will be a FIRST!  IT will be the first year that my Sis accompanies me on a hunt!

Just remember…..we…….focus on the kill zone through the scope……..we breath…..and then squeeze the trigger!

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