Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


My Sis was blessed with knowing true love before her sudden death. She was SO lucky….SO blessed to have someone who loved her (still loves her) for who she is!

I am SO thankful that she enjoyed her life! That she was able to enjoy life with her beloved. 

Each of us dreams…hopes…to be accepted and loved for who we are….to be loved without question…accepted for who we are. 

Yet…we are often not so “lucky”!  We find ourselves in a relationship in which the one we love does not feel the same…or we find ourselves in a situation where the one we love is not the person we thought he/she was…the latter can most certainly include abuse of all sorts. 

My Sis was able to live and to experience something SO special!

I pray that she can reach beyond the veil and gently touch her Beloved and those close to her….reassuring them of her love…her tenderness….

And of God’s love…..to help heal the deep, aching hurt….the loneliness….the emptiness that remains without her physical presence. 

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