Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Living With Chronic Pain

Living with Chronic Pain is SO hard to describe!  When I went into the Neurologist last Thursday, I was asked the typical “What number best describes your pain?”  I responded “50”……the nurse asked again….”What number on a scale of 1 – 10 best describes your pain?”……I again responded “50”…..

Those with a Chronic Pain and/or Condition understand my answer…..I was hurting BEYOND my normal everyday pain (which is always above 10)……the only way I could describe it was to answer with an absurd number!  After all….that ridiculous pain scale was NOT made for those of us with a chronic condition!

IF it WAS made for us…..the doctor’s would use a different scale for us….and us alone! OR better yet!?!?!  They wouldn’t bother to ask us such a ridiculous question!  I mean…..after all….we ARE hurting BADLY!  Beyond what they could EVER imagine!

I am NOT downplaying those important people in our lives…..our doctors, nurses, specialists……or our loved ones, friends, coworkers (if able to work)……

The point is….ONLY those WITH Chronic Pain truly understand Chronic Pain…..those closest to us (our immediate family that lives with us on a day-to-day basis) runs a close second!  THEY have learned those secret grimaces…groans…or movements that we use to hide our pain.

We have become MASTER magicians….or rather MASTERS of illusion!  We have learned to disguise…..to hide how we are really feeling.  We know that no-one truly understands what we are going through….it is truly “One MUST walk in my shoes” to understand.

For those close to the individual living with Chronic Pain and/or Condition…….be patient!  Understand that plans must sometimes change….that rest breaks are needed…..just let US dictate the pace…..and accept us…..as we are….

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