Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


My hopes of a new medication that might offer some relief was “dashed on the rocks” today!  There was a hiccup with the new prescription and insurance…so the pharmacy provided a partial “fill”…and had said to come back in a few days when the balance of the supply would be available.

We went to the pharmacy today to pick up the balance of the meds.  The Pharmacist came over and asked me about my allergy/intolerance to Neurontin and Gabapentin.  Long story short…the new medication prescribed by the Neurologist is the “big brother” to Neurontin!!  The Pharmacist and the Lead Pharmacist both strongly advised I not proceed with the medication …..my history is TOO risky!  My entire digestive tract shuts down when on either of those drugs…..no way could I risk that happening again!

So….I left messages for the Neurologist and my Primary Doctor so that all are on the same page.  My husband and I are BOTH very frustrated with the Neurologist…..after all….it is clearly written in my medical records about the intolerances/allergies/reactions to prior attempted medications.  A Neurologist SHOULD have known that the medicine he wanted to prescribe is TOO closely related to Neurontin and Gabapentin for me to attempt it!

So…time now to sit and endure.  My pain level is still WAY up!!!  I have not even begun to recover from the appointment with the Rheumatologist!  All the pushing and pulling to check range of motion!

All Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder symptoms are out of control…..it is difficult to type this….but have to get some of these thoughts off my chest!

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  1. Thank goodness for your pharmacist catching that, but I would also be upset if my doctor prescribed something they knew I was allergic to! Stay strong!

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