Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Pain is the known constant…

Always present, it never leaves…

It wants to take over,

It wants to own me….

I fight it…constantly,

I do not want to give in….

Yet, I know it is in control

Right now…for the moment…

There is no “quick” fix….

No easy way out….

Not that I would ask for one!

I just want to understand….

To have some type of answer….

To know the culprit that is the cause….

Mostly….I am concerned that our son NOT inherit these issues!!!

Being a Mom in Chronic Pain is hard. (If you are a Dad…just substitute….as I can only speak from MY perspective.)

I will NOT allow Pain to own me…

Pain will NOT own me…

I love my hubby and my son….

Pain is taking away precious time that I could spend…

My hope is anchored in HOPE and FAITH….

These will overcome Pain….

I am in for the long haul….

I will keep strong for the fight!

Just know that Pain will NOT win!

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