Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Path of Grief

IMG_3181 Looking through photos as I sit in my chair….

This picture was taken the last time I saw my Sis….the last time that I was able to give her a HUGE hug!  The day that she was SO excited about her new motorcycle helmet!  She even let me hold it!

She and her boyfriend came over to see us while our son was participating in a Youth Day put on at the Gun Club in Myrtle Point, OR.  (It was a surprise for him!  And a great opportunity to visit with my Mother-in-law!)

She was full of smiles!  Loving life and SO happy!  It was the happiest that I had ever seen her!  And I knew that it was “love”….you could see it written all over her!  I was so excited for her!

My Sis always took time for her nephews and niece!  She was ALWAYS there for them….she doted on them!  She was always there for their special days…..birthdays, baptisms, confirmations!

It is crazy to view these pics….to think back….to feel the sunshine of that day…..

(This was the day before she was taken from us all!!!)

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