Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Faced with Reality!

YES!  I am dealing with reality head on!  I had SO hoped that one of the typical or “traditional” methods would treat my Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia!

Yet…due to my underlying internal disorders (spastic colon, spastic anus, IBS, oversensitivity to ANYTHING involving my gastro-intestinal tract)….I am apprehensive…concerned about the outcome….

I am the 1 in 1,000,000!  I am the one that does not fit ANY scenario!!!!

My Sis would be proud!  I do NOT give in!  I embrace the fact that I break the mold….each and every time!

My hope is that it will finally lead to some answers….some hope for OTHERS like me!  I cannot be alone!  I cannot be the only one!  There must be others that are struggling…that have educated themselves….have been through the frustration of their doctors and/or specialists NOT knowing the answer!

I CANNOT be alone!

Yet…I am MORE than willing to be a spokesperson for those of us that are living like I am….

Struggling to truly understand what is going on inside….wanting to maintain some sort of semblance….to have some opportunity to interact with our significant others and children!

For me????  I am know faced with the FACT that I KNOW more about my condition then the specialists who have been trying to help me!  It is TRULY a role reversal!  I, the patient, know more than the surgeon/specialist who is helping me!  I have met this before….in a WONDERFULLY gifted specialist, Dr. Bascom!  (IF any of you are having issues contact him!!!  (He works out of RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon)….I say this from experience…this wonderful GI specialist had tears in his eyes when he spoke honestly to me!!!!

I am now far beyond even he could have ever considered!  The “onion” that he helped to start pealing has now morphed….I cannot find anyone who is able to understand my condition…..

My Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia is further complicated by the OVERLY sensitive GI tract that I have!  I cannot handle Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Prednisone….these drugs COMPLETELY shut down my GI tract!  (We are NOT talking about becoming constipated….we are talking about the GI tract…SHUTTING DOWN!!!)  This means that the intestinal tract completely shuts down!!!!  MAJOR problem!!!!

This is TRULY abnormal…the medical field does not understand this reaction.  Believe me!  My specialists were completely take by surprise!  They assumed that a a “slight” variance from the main drug would NOT produce the SAME or WORSE reaction!

Well…I took Lyrica for 2 days….by the 2nd day…I was on the floor…in so much MORE pain that I could do nothing…..I was curled in a ball….on my right side….my husband found me…..

Thankfully….on that day we went to the pharmacist to have my prescription filled.  They said “NO WAY”!!!!  This drug is a big brother to Gabapentin!  “Just a brief exposure will cause your system to shut down!”….

YES….my pharmacist was right!!!!  My Spastic Colon, Spastic Sphincter, Colostomy, IBS history made me an UNIQUE case!  I could not take ANY of the medications that my Neurologist would prescribe for Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Disorder!!!

Somehow…this horrific ordeal that I am dealing with…..will provide HOPE to others!!!!

Just know…YOU are NOT alone!!!!

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