Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Mind Set!

When dealing with Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness…we must first start at the beginning! Is our mind set on “dealing” or rather working “through” our current health challenge????

If we answer anything other than “working through”, you are need of additional help!  As difficult as it may seem….if you feel that you are “battling”….”struggling”….then I know you will benefit from working with a therapist!

There is NOTHING wrong with YOU!  IT is the space you find yourself in!  

During our “struggle” there are times that receiving assistance from others…like  Counselors or Psychiatrists, provide a HUGE benefit to our mental and physical health!

The point that I want to reinforce is what I heard from the Psychiatrist I saw today……

If I use the word “battle”….I am fighting…..

If I use the word “working through”…..then I am embracing my experience….that I am taking ownership and “working” through the emotions involved to move through the experience….

Do NOT take me wrong!  I am not for a second taking any minute or SECOND of this struggle for granted!!

The difference is truly…your mind set!  Are you “fighting” what is happening in your life?  Or…are you “taking in”…and trying to “place”….to “SEE” how what is front of you….might fit?????

THIS IS the hardest path!  HOW to “see” the path in front of us…….

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