Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

My Dearest Sis!

I could hear your voice today after the appointments today….”Why do you have to be SO special?!” Then you would laugh and offer reassurance….something like….”you will get through this”…..”you will MOST definitely be teaching the doctors!!”….
I just wish it was your voice via phone….and not via my minds eye….or rather “memory”….
I spoke with a Psychiatrist today! Yes! Really!!!  

Even she had to say “Wow!”  

You would be proud!!! She was impressed at how well I was handling…working through my chronic pain issues AND working through your death.

I hate that word! YES!!! Tears are flowing!!!!  

Yet…..THAT is the truth, Sis! I am working in and through my pain condition…..while I am attempting to navigate my grief!!!

Again….I have completely baffled more specialists who were trying to help me!  

I am now replaying conversations we shared….the many talks….

I SO want to share today with you! (I have…I have been talking to you all day..)

I (as you well know) refuse to give in to negativity! God has a plan that no human understands… 

As we had talked about….He has a reason for this….and somehow….others are going to benefit from this road I am traveling. 

I love you, Sis!!

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