Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Do You Ever Ask “WHY”?

As someone living with chronic pain, I have been given advice by well-meaning friends and loved ones……ALL well intentioned!  It can range from questioning the medical care received…..to recommending medical tests…..to asking why you haven’t tried the latest drug being touted on TV commercials

ALL of this IS well-intentioned…when coming from those that are close to us….our family and friends……After all!  They are feeling helpless….frustrated…..wishing there was someway that they could help us with our condition!

Ultimately…..those of us that are living with chronic pain are on our own!  Our pain is unique to each one of us…..what might help a friend does not help us….Our body chemistry…..our genetics…..our other underlying health issues ARE SO different from person to person!

Then….we must add that the medical community does NOT have all the answers!  YES…they are doing their best….they are learning…..they are testing….they are expanding their knowledge….

Yet….as I have come to learn first hand….there IS MUCH that they do not know!  There are more questions than answers!  Those of you…like me…that are on the fringe….that are so unique in the combination of conditions that medical professionals are at a complete loss!

I have found though…that rather than asking “Why”…..I find myself asking “How”?  “How” can my condition help someone else?  I want to prevent others from having to join me on my path!  I want to help educate the medical community to be better prepared to help…to assist those of us that are on the “fringe”!

It is never wrong to ask “WHY”!  It is just a question that has no answer…..

If you find yourself asking “Why Me”?!!?!?!……make a subtle twist….and ask yourself…”Why NOT Me”?!?!?!

What a mindset change!!?!?!  Do you see how it changes from being the victim to being empowered????

NO…we did not ask for this condition….I did not ask to be in pain each and every day!!!!  I did not ask to have opportunities with my husband, son and family taken from me!!!!!

Yet…the best mindset we can have for ourselves…..is to be positive….to take ownership….to “choose” to make the most of what we are granted!

My chronic pain has taught me to appreciate the colors in the world around me more….to appreciate the smallest things (a smile or touch from my son)……

The touch hurts…..but what makes me smile is the concern, love and care in the eyes of my son as he tentatively reaches out to touch my shoulder!  (NO way will I flinch….or let him know that it hurts!!!)  That MOMENT with him is TOO precious!

A small victory!  A tentative step….these are HUGE!  Focus on the smallest victory…..and enjoy the huge beautiful view outside of the window!  This is how I copy….how I embrace…..how I am working through…..my chronic pain…..

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