Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Missing My Sis

It has been 6 months since my Baby Sis was taken from us…..

Today my Dad and brother….along with the rest of the family (minus us of course due to distance) gathered for their birthday celebrations…..we were able to enjoy FaceTime to have that opportunity to see everyone…..not the same…but when distance prevents being together…it is an awesome option!

It was strange to not see my Sis among them!  I know that this will only be increased as the holidays approach…..Thanksgiving and Christmas…..

We are all going to be dealing with some very difficult times ahead……I know that we are all going to be feeling her absence…..it will be hard and awkward…….it will be a time for us to further support each other.

My Sister-In-Law and I have all ready assumed the “Christmas Pajama” role….my son helped picked out some awesome Christmas pajamas for his cousin….my wonderful, precious niece….We will get them wrapped and send them early…..want her to enjoy and have the chance to decide which set to wear Christmas morning!

My Sister-In-Law will get a set for my son…..

I am tearing up!  This Christmas will be a challenge……I do not know what it will be like to NOT have my Sis….to used to her laugh….to seeing her with the Santa hat handing out gifts…then passing the hat to our son…….

Just CANNOT put my head around it yet….still seems SO surreal!  Just keep waiting for her to call me….to see her show up at our doorstep….as if it was all a huge mistake…..yet….

I know….it is real….I saw my precious Baby in the morgue…….I kissed and hugged that empty shell…..my wonderful, Baby Sis was NOT there…..what I saw and felt was just a shell that had housed her AWESOME soul!

I know that SHE is free….that she is free from her mortal shell…..

It does NOT make it any easier…….it is still very hard……to deal in this new reality without her.Version 2

Comments on: "Missing My Sis" (3)

  1. barbaramarincel said:

    So sorry for your loss…the holidays are the hardest times without our loved ones, aren’t they?

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