Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Still Learning

I am living proof that no matter how hard I try to pace myself to minimize the impact life has on my chronic conditions…..it seems that I cannot be careful enough!

Yes…I am still learning….still trying to find that proper balance!

For example….yesterday, I wanted to do something nice (yet simple) for our Thanksgiving dinner. I rested…fixed breakfast…..rested again. Went for a ride in our RAZR with my hubby to view the snow all around us. Made a crust for pumpkin pie….rested…..cut up potatoes and put them on to boil….rested….put carrots on to steam…..rested….then mashed the potatoes…..(THAT was where I made my mistake!!!!)

I mashed the potatoes by hand!!!!! Yes…it hurt all the while I did it…..I SHOULD have used my mixer!!!!

Today I am paying the price for NOT using tools in my kitchen for everything! I cannot do ANY of these things by hand anymore…..so today….my pain is deeper….the aches are everywhere…..my body is revolting and teaching me another lesson.

It is hard to type this….but feel pressed to share…..I know that we are all tempted to try to perform a task that we “used to be able to do”….it is hard to know that we cannot….

Do not be hard on yourself for doing it though! Just take it as a lesson learned….let your hubby and son take care of loading the dishwasher and doing dishes….sit under a warm blanket….relax….let your body recover…

And…know you are not alone in your struggle!

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  1. Ah, I feel for you. I’m having a pain flare up today. I was trying to stand outside and the coldness triggered it. Sending you hugs 🙂

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