Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Mobility Frustration

It is going to happen sooner or later….it happened to me today….

I am dealing with Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder not to mention IBS…and found on-line the 100 point CFS/FM scoring system. (I score 15…..which means I am severely limited….hardly mobile….walk to the restroom and back to my chair tires me out…..so when out and about I must use a wheelchair.)

I do not feel good enough to drive most of the time so rely upon my husband to do the driving….then I rely upon my hubby or son to push me in my wheelchair.

Don’t get me wrong! I am so thankful for my chair! It has allowed me to go out and about….I can go to the stores with my hubby and son or other family members.

The down side….is the loss of independence that I have been dealing with. I cannot just get in the car and go for a drive (those days are few and far between…and then it is a short few minute drive)…..Christmas is coming….how can I be sneaky? LOL

Our last stop for the day was the grocery store….I rattled off the few items we needed…..however, when we reached the baking aisle our son grabbed the one item we needed….my husband turned me around just as I had a thought “wonder if they have the special flour I need”. Of course, I got frustrated….

Just a simple thought….I could not act upon it without having assistance! That is the frustration of losing mobility due to these “hidden” chronic conditions!

These conditions do not go away…..there is hope for improvement….but I will never be the person that I was before….I hope and will continue to work with my doctors to improve to become the “best that I can be”! Just a small goal of being able to go to the grocery store on my own without being worn out for two days!

Frustration with our limitations is inevitable….and even if we are able to master it most of the time….there will come those moments when it will win! Not for long though! Be sure to apologize and move your thoughts beyond where you are at at the given moment….it might mean doing further reading or visiting your favorite on-line support group or blog…..

Switch gears and appreciate those around you who are there for you…..give yourself permission to rest…..to be patient to discover and to build your new self.

Comments on: "Mobility Frustration" (3)

  1. Could you have a mobility scooter or one of those chairs you drive yourself? I’ve got a scooter which folds up in the back of the car. I’m lucky my mum bought it for me; also fortunate that my fiance is living full time with me now (he’s Canadian), because he can cart the ‘chariot’ about (even a can of soup is too heavy for me, most times). Hugs.

    • My son has suggested that….I might have to look at it more seriously….I guess it is the part of me that is still holding out…Hugs!

      • If I had to choose again, I’d get the nifty motorized chair instead because the turning is tighter, I can’t always make it through doorways the first time with the scooter.

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