Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Take Time

“Take Time”…..a thought….so very important to those of us with chronic illness/conditions…..a concept that others do not truly understand….

Those of us living with chronic illness/conditions….are used to “doing”….we take care of those around us….our “past” selves…pushed and did the job of 4-5 people…..we did not understand the idea of “slowing down”…or “taking time” for ourselves….

It was a thought that bothered us….it meant some form of weakness…it would be like we were saying we were weak….

I might be speaking only for myself….am I???

I refuse to believe that I am alone…that I am the only one that has been forced to re-evaluate….to refocus myself….to embrace my new “normal”!!

The hardest step is just as the title says….to “take time”! This meant to step back…to understand that it IS important for us to give time for ourselves…that it is NOT being selfish…that in taking care of ourselves….we are allowing ourselves to participate in life with those around us!

This may not make sense to someone on the “outside”….someone who is not dealing with the complete “take-over” of one’s body by an outside force…..

Just remember….those of us with chronic illness/conditions did not ask for this…..we did nothing to deserve this…..

It has just been dealt to us! So it is up to us to make the most of it! To be as positive as we can be….and to make the huge sacrifice! To learn how to “take time” for ourselves!!!!

This can mean allowing our spouse to do the dishes….giving ourself permission to get that haircut/color we have been dreaming of…..maybe buying more comfortable clothes……or just taking a nap and not feeling guilty!

Please….”take time” to find out what is best for you! What will allow you…to “take time” that will ultimately give you the feeling of empowerment!?!?!

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