Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


 Common reactions to chronic pain over time include fear, frustration, anger, depression, and anxiety. These feelings can make it harder to manage chronic pain, especially if you use alcohol or drugs to deal with your symptoms.—————————–

For those of you living day to day with chronic pain/illness….the above words can make you laugh!

Which one of us dealing with chronic pain, can say that we have not felt frustrated, angry, depressed or anxious?!?!  It is a trick question! For that I am certain!!

Living with a chronic illness/condition and seeing how it impacts those around you on a daily basis is the hardest challenge of our lives! 

I see how hard my health condition is on my husband and son! I know that no 11-year-old should have to deal with what our son sees each and every day. 

The hardest part is knowing that out son has never had the joy of a healthy Mom!

He only knows of having a sick Mom….that we do the best we can but there is always the underlying worry of having a sick Mom!

For those outside to write a comment like the above….it is disgusting!  

You have no idea of the daily struggle that those of us living with chronic illnesses/conditions…

If we should choose to allow ourselves a drink or to allow ourselves a pain pill….you cannot judge. 

I just pray that those of us struggling do not give in to alcohol or drugs to cover our daily pain. 

There are times we use these tools to calm our situation….although they will do nothing for our fight. But a brief respite we might find!  For that? Thank you….

No I am not supporting substance abuse! Just want to bring into perspective the life of one trapped in constant pain!

Believe me….being the one that is in constant pain does not hurt nearly as much as watching my loved ones endure my daily pain and limitations!

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