Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Pain and Loss!

Those of us struggling with chronic illnesses/conditions are not only dealing with the horrific day to day pain….but the loss of any type of a “normal” life!

We watch people walking around….knowing that each person walking into the grocery store…walking around the mall….has NO idea of the freedom they are experiencing!

The normal person takes for granted being able to go the store….he/she walks in from his/her own car and then goes in….walking the aisles….and purchasing what he/she wants….

Now…from our perspective!

I am pushed in a wheelchair from our rig….to the store…..to attempt to direct the purchasing….well…at least as best as my memory can recollect! LOL  Yes!  We have to back track several times…because I never can remember what we really need…even when I have listed some info on my phone and mentioned some items to our son….LOL

I as many are dealing with day to day pain….yet….the pain may differ….as Fibro targets different areas at different times….what hurts now…may not hurt later…..and what hurts later….may not hurt the same as tomorrow…..

Yes!  THAT is our “gift”!  Our symptoms shift…..change…yet…continue….

To someone that is NOT living in this….it would be very confusing!

Our bodies are now controlled by an “outsider”…..this “outsider” is Fibromyalgia!

I see this equivalent to an “alien invasion”!  It really truly is!

So little is known of our illness/condition!  It IS real….it is not a figment of our imagination….it is not a group of individuals “making” up symptoms!

We are dealing…each and every day…with the pain….and the “loss”….of our prior selves as we struggle with this illness/condition!!!

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  1. It’s a grief to be faced each and every day. O what blissful ignorance – I want to claim mine back. But in reality it’s an ongoing search to learn and cope. Keep strong. Hugs 🙂

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