Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Fibro “Flare”

Living with Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder has been the hardest adjustment of all my medical challenges!

There is no surgery…no pill…no supplement…no diet…no magic cure for these conditions!

There is so little research…so little know about Fibro!  The best thing I have found are the web resources….the sites and blogs of those dealing with Fibro and its assorted “siblings”!

It is a comfort knowing that I am not alone…it is sad that it takes SO long for us to be firmly diagnosed….and even then…we are usually dealing with so many other issues in addition to Fibro….each of which feed off the other.

I am not well enough to work….not well enough to be the smallest fraction of the person I was years ago before this mess!  I know that I have a long road…several years before I will have symptoms dialed down enough to know what my “new” normal will be!

“Exercise” is walking from my recliner or couch to the restroom at the back of the house….on the very best of days I might venture downstairs (once)!  I have NO muscle tone left….I used to be able to run 5 – 7 miles a day!

Night and day is not even a good description of the life change I have experienced….yet…it is not only me!  My husband and son have witnessed this transformation first hand!  My family and friends have seen the change….

I do my best to project a positive image….smile when I am hurting so badly….only those with chronic conditions/illnesses or those closest to me can catch the slight grimace or the facade!

I am NOT going to give in to these conditions….I have challenged head on my many other conditions….I am thankful for my Colostomy….I am handling my IBS with diet….

Sleep continues to be a challenge…..thankful though for my Primary Doc who has helped me come up with a sleep aid!  Children’s Benadryl (or in my case a knock-off brand since I must have dye free)!

I am thankful for the move my husband and son were willing to make to give me a chance to improve! After having visited Oregon again, I am thankful that Idaho has helped with the joint pain and incredible burning! (Now I only experience them under extreme stress or when we visit Oregon!)

There are days that are MUCH more challenging then others….yet…I am learning to just allow my self to recline…to rest….to be relieved of all duties….to recognize the overwhelming pain and sensations and not fight!  To allow myself to just stop….to rest….to distract myself from the pain…the burning….the overwhelming sensations by blogging….reading…or watching something on TV…..

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