Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

No one dreams of being diagnosed with an illness/condition that is so obscure…one that some medical professionals still do not “believe” in…

No one wants to be labeled a “freak”….yet…those of us with Fibro or its associated conditions feels like!

I am suffering…dealing each day with pain that is beyond words…

Symptoms can include: body on fire, being stabbed repeatedly with ice picks, throbbing pain, knives that are stabbing or cutting, feeling of ants under skin, wanting to peel ones skin off because of the overwhelming sensations!!

Now add the inability to sit still…plus not remembering if you brushed your teeth or showered!!

Welcome to Fibromyalgia!

It is not pleasant….quite frankly, it SUCKS!!! 

Words cannot encompass the horrific feeling of living day to day with a body completely out of control! 

When clothing hurts so much that you want to scream! You want to rip every cloth…yet you know even just the feeling of air against your skin is enough to make you cry….to scream…to wish the sensations would stop!

Those of us with Fibro feel an immediate kindred spirit with other Fibro sufferers! We do not have to use words…looks or actions tell the entire story!

We Fibro sufferers understand the nuances…the subtle shift with hand or head…

We are gifted to see each other!

Therein lies our strength!

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