Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Yes….the dreaded foe of all of us that are living with chronic pain/illness/conditions!

I am reclining in a sweatshirt, sweat pants and blanket near by….those crazy chills that also accompany the out of balance symptoms!  I do have IBS…yet I have been very careful with my diet.  It is most likely the result of the increased pain level today!

I have not been feeling good…LOL (I know….feeling good for me is my normal pain level with my usual grouping of symptoms!)  Symptoms have been all over the board….

Today though…my right side is throbbing, burning, stabbing….my arms and legs are SO heavily fatigued they barely move.  My back aches…head aches…clothes hurt…..I am thankful for my Colostomy on a day like today as I would NEVER be able to get to the restroom in time! I am moving so MUCH slower than normal it is crazy!

Yes…we have our huge challenges….we have our really down days.  We have days that are middle…..we have days we wish that we had not been given the “lucky” opportunity of living with our condition/illness.

I will continue to rest….to sip warm water to try to settle my overactive tummy.  Hope for some rest tonight and a better day tomorrow!  (One without the intense nausea!!!)

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  1. Wishing you some good rest and a better day tomorrow 🐢

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