Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

No Escape

There is no escape from the pain this morning….no position that offers any type of relief…the stabbing pains coursing through the legs….hands and fingers aching so much in each joint making it almost impossible to type this.

I just have to try to express the feelings of today….crying is of no use…no help to anyone…I have no true answers for today….I can only think this still my body reacting to having taken a road trip and being away from home for the Holiday.

Plus the stress of going through the first Holiday season without my Baby Sis…I am sure there is a part of my brain that is focused on that aching part of my heart…it is just the pain that is drowning out all sense…all thought.

I can barely follow a thought….cannot remember from one room to the next. The headache has all ready stated.  The Fibro Fog is thick this morning….a welcome veil…as it helps to numb my senses….

It is so hard to “walk” to the restroom….my legs are heavy…yet it is like they are not connected….my brain says to move…yet…I can barely manage a shuffle….

My arms are throbbing and burning…making my hands shake….making it even more difficult to express myself….

Yet…I am driven to write…to get this “off my chest”….to say these low days….even though they seem to drag us down further than we could even imagine…are going to end…..

One morning I will awake to find that my joints are not throbbing….not stabbing….not aching…..that I will finally be free of at least this one symptom!

That is my focus….as I force gentle movement and stretches….shifting under my heated blanket…distracting my overwhelmed senses as best I can…

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. My own symptoms have somewhat improved recently and my heated blanket is my new best friend. I hope you will find some relief and comfort soon.

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