Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Sleep? (What’s That!)

Yes…I am poking fun at one of the very difficult challenges of having a chronic condition/illness.  The fact that sleep is so elusive!

Lying in bed last night…the pain…the stabbing, throbbing and deep aching was overwhelming and completely interrupted any thought of sleep.  I just forced myself to relax (I use that word sarcastically) as best I could.

Many prayers….quiet words whispered in my mind….even a few tears…although they do no good!  I did finally manage about 2 hours!

Thus the struggle!  On a good night, I am lucky to get 4-5 hours sleep.  Even the Benadryl trick is no longer working….it is like my body is upping the ante!  It wants to challenge me even further!  Benadryl that used to just knock me out….will not longer silence the storm that is inside of me!

I am unable to take other meds that can assist with sleep.  My internals are as unique as I am!  LOL

My fingers are still throbbing making it difficult to type. Yet, I couldn’t help but attempt to write thoughts that came upon me last night. So many of us are afflicted with sleep deprivation!

Chronic illness/conditions brings so many challenges.  Each day we are faced with a body that is out of control…not knowing what symptoms will be rearing their head.

I sit now in my recliner under my blanket….my thoughts go out to all suffering with Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/etc. All of us that have been “graced” with these chronic hidden illnesses/conditions.

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