Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Feet throbbing

Knives cutting through

Weight born increases the sensations.

Head feels light

With thick veil

Unsure of thoughts.

Icepicks in fingers

Wrists throbbing

Arms as heavy as lead.

Unable to be steady

Must use walls to support

Every once of strength used

To move each leg forward when must.

The deep ache in the chest

As if it pierces completely through

The back with its own dull ache

The feeling of nausea that is sure to come.

The frustration

Being faced with the reality

The true impact of this hidden condition

Forever which will be present.

To hope that somehow

One day in the future

There will be some reprieve

A wish that you fear to dream.

To be so unsteady

To remember the past

Once running….climbing….weights lifted

There will be some recall

We must hold that close

Take deep breath

Provide patience to mind and body

Know that we are now in

The ultimate struggle

And know….not alone!

Comments on: "Unsteady" (1)

  1. Definitely not alone, huge hugs.

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