Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Thoughts of Pain

It wraps itself around

Our innermost being

It swells and

Sends tendrils to

The most distant parts

Leaving no nerve unmolested.

It has so many faces

Making its capture

Much more convoluted

Morphing, shifting, ever changing.

Its manifestations are many

Taunting each of us

In unique ways

Similar faces many of us see

Yet some are spared

The vast multitude of masks.

Others it would seem

Those like me

Are being shown

More faces than could have been imagined!

The reason for Pain’s

Many faces…..masks

Science does not yet understand.

Definitely not found

Alone in the mind

Pain is a true

Physical opponent

Fighting for control.

We each battle

We wage our own

Individual war

Yet we share

The common opponent!

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