Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


The idea of balance and Fibromyalgia….a thought I am still trying to get my head around! LOL

I have been reading…researching…doing my best to fully understand to grasp as best as possible a better understanding of my chronic conditions.  The combination of Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/Permanent Colostomy and who knows what to be officially added!  LOL  (Those with Fibro and its related conditions understand my tongue in cheek!)

I continue to come across the same paradox…..we are to exercise to relieve the pain…to increase our ability to have the restorative sleep that our bodies so desperately need.  Yet by exercising…we hurt (often a day or so later)….our fatigue is increased….coordination is thrown out the window….and on and on.

How to tackle this concept of “balance”?  Especially if you are like me….when a simple ride to town to go to the store (about a 15 minute drive there then back again)…even using your wheelchair and carefully walking from the front of the car to your chair (while using the car as balance)….leaves you completely exhausted!

I know that there is no simple answer….there is no “miracle” cure….there are so many different medicinal options/combinations as well as supplements.  I am one of those that cannot have most of what is out there that doctors will prescribe! I am also very limited as to supplements….my overreactive system prevents the use of something as simple as Tylenol!

So…until I have my appointment at the University of Utah….I do my best to get some movement….some stretching….while resting…reclining.

I have ordered a DVD on Tai Chi for beginners….that has options from seated to standing….I have read where this gentle movement…stretching routine has helped many other Fibro sufferers.  I will test this out….

Above all I know that coming to some type of “balance” will take a long time…this will be a long….slow trek….patience will be required.  Patience with myself….with my conditions…

Just take heart….if you are newly diagnosed….or find yourself severely limited as I do…Fibro is a dictator…that is for sure!  However, as any dictator….it will fall!  Each of us will be able to find that “balance”…..

Whatever that “balance” is for each of us!


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  1. barbaramarincel said:

    It is sooo hard to find balance with fibromyalgia! And your plate is more than full with all of your co-existing conditions. Wow! I have heard great things about Tai Chi…I have a fibromyalgia DVD from the Mayo Clinic that includes a gentle yoga routine, which I love. Good luck my friend!

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