Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Living with Loss

I am still struggling…

Still learning to live without you…


Without your physical presence…

It is strange…

I reach for the phone

To call…

Your voice message comes on

Perky and full of life


I am faced with the stark reality

You are not here…

You are no longer with us physically.

This precious bear

With its wonderful necklace

Is with you

Will be with you forever.

As your nephew wanted

You will forever have

The presence of Lucky with you!

It is so hard

To not hear your voice

To not be able to see you.

Your presence is missed so much!

I hurt for those

So close to you

As I feel their pain…

You made such an impact

On so many…

In so many ways!

My words are such a shadow

I can barely shine

The barest feeble light…

Compared to you!

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