Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


In the middle of the night after a day of dealing with those “electric shocks”….that feeling of being jolted with electricity and the falling sensation that follows…..it occurred to me that the one thing that those of us with Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/etc. is fear.

We do our best to hide any notion of being afraid…we put our brave face forward for our family, friends, coworkers…especially for our children.  We do this also for ourselves!  We keep a positive outlook….positive distractions to aid in distraction.

Yet fear is very real for us!  I face it head on each and every time I deal with those “electric shocks”…..I face it when I am unable to recall my train of thought….I face it when I cannot remember…..I face it as I struggle to understand these conditions that have taken over my body.

All that can be done is push forward….face the fear…..accept that it IS scary….it is VERY scary to be dealing with conditions that are so misunderstood….or rather lack of medical knowledge of our conditions.  Dealing with such odd symptoms….to look so well….so healthy on the outside….yet to be SO messed up physically!

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  1. I’ve read so many books and articles on my conditions – what’s wrong, what could be wrong, how things within my body work and ways of coping with my poor health. Nobody medical told me much at all and not understanding anything was frightening. And I’m still not completely aware of what’s happened. On one account they scold you for doing your own research, on the other they ask you how to go forward – that’s unprofessional and confusing. I believe after eight years of this, that taking proper interest in your health conditions is the best way to go. It’s your body, your suffering, your life. Sending you hugs! 🐻

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