Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

“Perfect” Hearts

In loving memory of my Baby Sis!


Small eager hands

Carefully lift the brush

What color to apply first?

What shapes to use?

Bright blue eyes

Radiate the thoughts

Of the beautiful blond haired girl.

With serious focus

A blue heart is painted

Followed by a pink heart

Then stars

And green and dark blue hearts.

She takes pause

As if the picture is not complete

Then smiling

Adds a bright orange cloud.

Ever so carefully

She gently wraps

The serán wrap

Over the precious picture

To protect it and

Forever seal this masterpiece!

With ever enthusiastic glee

She presents this

Most magical and precious gift

To her big Sis!

Even after all these years

I look upon this artwork

And marvel at the Perfect Hearts

Drawn with such love and care!

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