Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


My confidence has been shaken or rather shattered!

Having Fibromyalgia makes me unsteady on my feet as anyone with this conditions knows! I have taken many falls and close calls.

Yet I have felt relatively safe in my own home!  The walls, counters and furniture have been my friends….supports to assist me as I traverse from sofa to restroom and back….or to shift to my recliner….or to get a cup of water….

This afternoon took that “safe” feeling away from me!

I started around corner of cabinet to head towards sink when my world went completely topsy turvy! I heard the sound…that loud thump….before I realized what had happened….I then felt it as I heard our dog quickly come to my rescue!

My lower back and butt took the brunt…however, my shoulders and head were a close second!

I could feel myself starting to shake…..fear overwhelmed me….it was all I could do to retreat to my recliner….

Hours later….I am still shaken!  It was yet another slap in the face…..another strong reminder of this condition!

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