Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

“Baby Steps”

As I recently found on the web….the perfect description of me:

“Fibro victims tend to be over-achievers. We have had unrealistic expectations of ourselves all of our lives. It’s time to get real. Set some new goals. They don’t need to be large- just realistic. Instead of cleaning the garden, weed one flower bed. You don’t have to be perfect. Ignore anyone who tries to make you feel guilty. You can only do what you can do.”

LOL!  I bet there are many of us that can relate to the above statement!

I am SO battling the “over-achiever” in myself as I attempt to take the “baby steps” necessary to attempt to help my Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS…

I am forcing myself to spend 2 minutes on the elliptical….today I found that I did 3 minutes….and YES…I am paying for it all ready!  It is true!  Must keep the 2 minutes a day for a week….that is until it can be handled each day for a week!

It is SO hard to not do more!  My mind has still not caught up with the realization of the fact that my body WILL NOT do what it used to!!  There is NO pushing through this!  This type of chronic illness does NOT allow pushing through!  If you attempt to push through, you will find that your body completely revolts and you will be down for at least a week!!!! (Yes…I am speaking from experience!)

I find myself asking myself WHY?!?!?!  WHY is it SO difficult for me to step back….to slow down…..to ACCEPT where I am…..to ACCEPT that I will need to completely reshape MY reality!

I am working hard at giving my body the rest it needs….at attempting to perform simple exercise…..to continue with my gentle stretching….to allow myself the down time that is required….for however long it takes……

I know that I WILL regain some semblance of normalcy!

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  1. I agree, it is so hard to accept some of the limitations on what we can do! I struggle with it too. Exercising just the right amount has been incredibly difficult! Easy does it:)

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