Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Those of us with Fibro read and are told that exercise is the best way for us to get our Fibro symptoms under control….we are warned to take “baby steps”…..to start easy…..say by walking to the mailbox and back…..

For some of us, like me….that idea of walking to the mailbox and back is TOO great a distance.  Instead I thought of doing 2 minutes on the elliptical (that way I would have assistance with leg movement)….and I would attempt this each day.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of listening to music while on the elliptical….and, yes….you guessed it! I spent 4 minutes walking!!!

I have to be VERY careful because of my severe Fibro Fog and complete inability to keep focused!!!!!

Ultimately….I have learned yet ANOTHER hard lesson……or rather lessons!!!

I am NOT ready for the elliptical…even though it assists with leg movement.  I will need to wait another month or so…..and then at that time…..I will attempt 2 minutes every other day.

I AM ready for just simple movement around the house….with the aid of my walker.  This simple movement…..walking to the bathroom…..walking to the sink to refill my cup…..walking to the door to let the dog in/out…..THESE movements ARE my exercise!

I know that movement….gentle stretching….is important…yet MORE importantly is understanding that my “exercise” is the simplest possible right now.  The gentle stretching in bed under the heated blanket before attempting to get out of bed…..the “walk” to the kitchen is a major start to my day!  The rest in between is MOST important now….

I must first get to some type of stable…..before attempting more.

Comments on: "Exercise and Fibro — Hard Lesson Learned" (3)

  1. Well done on all your daily achievements, they are wonderful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing how simply living and moving through each day IS exercise for those of us with chronic pain.

  2. Hi, Im in the UK & the NHS / DWP here send us “Shirkers / Skivers with “fibro” ( & other made-up illnesses) to Pain management courses, Which make us do exercises… in groups of 10-12 people. all with varying conditions – The literature they give us tells us to think of our exercises like a “Mountain” – On a Good day – Get up it in One go, But that may mean on a Bad day you dont bother trying to go up…. Thats “Naughty” & you Shirkers & Skivers have to try & still go up that Mountain….. Because Activity & exercise will CURE you of CFS & Fibro & ME etc according to the DWP over here – Its cruel and it breaks people….. For many of us (like you) We do really try already… Vacuuming, is a real exercise, as is Walking upstairs or to the end of the garden… I really hope you are OK XX

    • Thank you! I wish those trying to “help” us understood!! My hope is one day all this mini baby steps will lead to that “climb”!

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