Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Living in the world of chronic illness/conditions brings many struggles that those not in “our” world take for granted….like…going to the doctor because of cold symptoms, a sprain, or infection.

I say this because it can take a long time for us to realize that something else is going on….that what we think is just a normal “ache” is not normal…..or that pain we feel is just a normal part of our illness.

I know that I don’t want to be seen as a “complainer”….nor do you!  It is so difficult when we go to our doctor visits…..we rehash the same-oh same-oh…..we must answer the answer to their pain scale questions…….we must try to remember what we want to discuss!

I am thankful for my smart phone….when I have a thought I want to speak to my doctor about, I add it to my notes or tasks….then when I do have an appointment, I can bring up these issues…..

However, this last visit…it was difficult to bring up issues that I have been dealing with…..I was embarrassed and afraid of sounding like a “complainer”!

Thankfully….my doctor and her nurse are awesome!  Her nurse quickly reassured me that I was not a “complainer”….that I should report anything….ANYTHING….that is not normal for me.

I then “spilled the beans”….my pelvic region had been hurting….it was painful to urinate….

I then decided to turn this to a positive!  When my doctor came in, I proudly told her that I had an issue that I knew she could help me with!  Then I went into the symptoms….even though I could feel the heat rising in my face!  LOL

I was able to obtain the medical care that I needed!

What I learned? The MOST valuable lesson that all of us with chronic illness/conditions need to know!  We often feel that we are just a broken record….reporting or recording the same symptoms, more or less, each and every day.  It is TOO easy for us to feel that we are just “complainers”…..after all…no one else in our immediate sphere is living in constant pain!  LOL

Just remember…we are NOT “complainers”!

We MUST report to our doctors ANY symptom that is NOT NORMAL for us!

I know that this would have prevented me from dealing with such a severe bacterial infection!

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