Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


I wish I could remember

I wish I could think of my thought

That I thought was important…

Important enough to share with others.

Our “hidden” illness/conditions

Put us in such an awkward position

We must present ourselves

In a strong manner to those around.

We dare not

Give in or let down

Our guard

For we fear

Our loved ones might see.

Yet…we cannot remember

We cannot complete

We cannot say

The sentence

Or question

That was on our tongue!

It is the frustration

It is the injustice

Of our conditions/illnesses!

We look completely healthy

Yet…if you could see….

The true part of us….

Our inner being….

Inside we are SICK!

Inside is a battle

That Science does not understand

No full knowledge is known

To explain why

We can appear SO fine

On the outside….


Be so SICK inside!

Comments on: "What???" (1)

  1. mirandakay said:

    Love your poem! Thanks for sharing. Could relate.

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