Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Yet Another Specialist

Yesterday I met with a pain specialist with a background in anesthesia and chronic pain conditions.  What impressed me most was that he had taken time to review my file…he was also very gentle with his exam…understanding that I was all ready hurting.

Our discussion was very frank….he reinforced the fact that so much is not yet known or understood about Fibromyalgia.  He also said he could easily say that I am the worst case he has ever seen.

Due to my body’s “unique” response to medications…..basically….overly sensitive to almost everything….he was very pleased that I could tolerate the daily 60 mg tablet of Cymbalta. He reassured me that Fibromyalgia is a true diagnosis….it is part of the Chronic Pain Syndrome family.

As he discussed some possible options, he took time to write the various ways to address Fibromyalgia….as he spoke about them…summarized by the headings of Meds, Other Meds, Functional, Behavioral, and Others….he crossed off all the ones that I could not have.  The few options left were assigned to me to research.  Like he said….I know my body and how it reacts better than anyone…

Once home, I was excited to begin my research.  Of the three medicinal options of Named, Naltrexone and Ketamine Infusion…..my review of the rare side effects (which inevitably are how my body responds)….quickly ruled out the first two.  The Ketamine Infusion remaining as an option.  One that my husband and I are hesitant about because of my body’s usual reaction to anesthesia…..even thought this would be an extremely low dose.

The one option that he discussed that really piqued our interest was that of Functional Medicine….there is a doctor who is a leader in this field within about a 45 minute drive. The specialist spoke about the additional tests that would be done, saliva, blood work, etc. that would be sent to various testing sites to determine chemical imbalances, etc. Much more detailed testing than has been done to date.

He also praised us for all the effort and work we have put in so far….the many specialists, tests, and research were good.  We have narrowed the field…..he felt that the Functional Medicine would be the next best option….to exhaust all medical tests that exist at this time.

We also discussed what could be an option if Functional Medicine is unable to offer any sort of relief…thankfully any type of a radical decision (like an internal pain pump)….is quite a ways down the road.

I will have a follow up with my pain specialist to review my research and to discuss our preferred option(s) in about two weeks.

I have also made an appointment with the Functional Medicine doctor….which will not be until the middle of July.  (Yes…I requested to be placed on the cancellation list….and I called my pain specialist’s office to see if they could help “pull any strings”.)

In the mean time?  I have been instructed to continue stretching daily.  I am to consider “stretching” my exercise…..be diligent and not overdo….just the gentle stretching to help the tight weak muscles.

For the first time, I feel that we have a “game plan”….it will not be quick….that is for sure!  But there is a plan!  And I have the right doctors in place…

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