Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Brain Fog

OR….My Brain on Fibro!

Awake in a daze

No focus….eyes blurred

Eyes to heavy

Use walker to find bedroom

Collapse under covers

Now in recliner

Wow ceiling is bright

Sun through the window

Sun glistens on the water drops in the trees

What was that sound?

I must use lotion on my hands

Where is my water?

I am so tired

There is my cup

So much burning today

Look at all the colors in the carpet

The coffee table is so pretty

Where is my water?

What is that smell?

Oh yeah! I am heating up a snack

Just a slight breeze is moving the trees outside.

I am thirsty!

Where is my water?

I better check my snack

There’s my cup!

LOL right next to me!

What was I going to do?

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