Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

“Paying The Piper”

Picture0331161207_1It has been a while since I was able to go shoot guns with my hubby….so I decided that I would join him yesterday…..knowing that I would be paying for it today.

Yes…I was all ready paying for it yesterday when we got home….I was completely worn out….with a HUGE smile on my face!

We were able to take advantage of the best part of the day…blue sky….and few clouds.

I curled up in my recliner with the heated blanket….knowing that I would be dealing with the worst of it today….

And my body DID not disappoint!  LOL  Yes…I am dealing with a nasty mess today….and we are still laughing at the pic with our buddy and ear muffs!  (He loves enjoys the run in and out of the mountains where we shoot!)

Such is the life of those of us with chronic conditions/illnesses!  There are times that we must choose to participate….knowing that our body will be wreaking havoc with us. The memories made help to offset the nasty increase in bodily symptoms….as I await my symptoms to slowly dissipate.

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  1. I know this all too well! But the thing is, sometimes the pain and fall out is 100% worth it. We spoonies spend our days not knowing if or when we’ll be able to do something so when we’re doing good and can actually DO that something we WANT to do, we just have to jump on the chance because we don’t know when this chance will come around again. I’m glad you were able to enjoy!

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