Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Many Thoughts

We are approaching the one year anniversary of the unexpected death of my Sis…I am feeling emotions….I have had many thoughts….

I have been questioning my ability as a wife….as a mother…my health has had such an impact on us all!  The stress of dealing with the day-to-day of living with a chronic health condition impacts us all!

I have sent texts to my Sis….even though I know she cannot physically respond….she can respond to me spiritually….

My Sis was my confidant…my closest and dearest friend….

Tears cloud my vision….as those that knew her know…she IS irreplaceable!  She was able to fill that gap….to be that special person for SO many!

I feel her loss more these days….as I am homebound….I have not had the opportunity to interact….to even try to find solace in others outside of my husband and son…

We have a few visitors…which bring much happiness!  I love to have the chance to interact…even though it tires me….it is good to have contact with others!  I yearn for the time that I will be well enough to venture outside of the house…

I anticipate that emotions will become much stronger as we approach the first anniversary of Carrie’s death….and then her birthday….

Needless to say….I cannot type more…tears blur the letters….the words….

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