Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A Son’s Worry

As I wrote in my previous blog, my Ketamine Infusion had to be rescheduled due to the change of a hospital’s scheduling.

Our son was excited about this treatment…he was hoping that I would receive some type of relief….so that his worries would be calmed…he was excited about the opportunity to go fishing with his Dad while I would be undergoing the infusion…

After his track meet, I told him that my infusion had to be changed.  That we would be traveling farther for the treatment than planned…that it would be a week from today…next Friday.  I reassured him that there would be opportunity to fish with his Dad at this new location….

He just looked at me…with worry in his eyes…”But, Mom….you have to wait a WHOLE other week”!

I did my best to smile and reassure him…yet…he can see the toll that the stress of the insurance/rescheduling…as well as the trip to his track meet have taken on me.

It tears my heart to see his worry….to hear him voice his concern….knowing that all I can do his give him hugs….to reassure him that although I do not feel good….that I do hurt….I am “okay”…

It is so stressful for our kids to see us hurting…to know that they can’t do anything….that is they can’t help fix the problem…

We can just do our best…to take time…a simple game…having them help with preparing their favorite meal…

And…trying to give them the chance to be a kid….reassuring them it is okay to be out of our sight for a while…to go and ride their bike….play with friends…

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