Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A Tranquil Thought…


As I sit in my recliner…sipping hot water…my body further overwhelmed….reacting to the stress and the joy of yesterday….

My Ketamine Infusion that was supposed to happen today was changed due to the hospital changing its infusion scheduling….the closest hospital will now only due the procedure on Monday’s….I need to have it done on a Friday….my only choice is a hospital 1 1/2 hours away…

While trying to get this change of hospitals set up….I find out “insurance won’t cover”….I then call my insurance company….I know…you can feel the anxiety…the stress!  How many times have each of us had to contact insurance…to have to fight for a needed procedure/treatment/medication….oftentimes having to enlist the assistance of our trusted Doctor(s)….

All this happening on the day of a Track Meet for our son!  I am determined to not miss one of his track meets!  So…with the stress all ready wreaking havoc on my body we are off to his Track Meet!

Just before we got out of the car….I receive another call from my pain specialist’s office. All is working itself out! I will receive a call from the scheduler for the other hospital first part of next week.  My Ketamine Infusion will now be next Friday. All will be processed through insurance…

As my body experienced spasms, burning, numbness, tingling, pins and needles…I had the wonderful distraction of watching our son participate in the long jump…the 400…and the 800…

Today….brings the flaring of my IBS…along with even more Fibro symptoms…..

At least I can close my eyes and watch images of our son…doing his best…enjoying his first Track Season!

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