Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Day After

Wow! It is the day after the Ketamine Infusion! The process officially started with the knockout drug in the IV at about 8:34 am! The nurses smiled and said that they would keep me asleep during the entire treatment. 

I awoke very groggy about 7pm with Hubby and son in the room. Managed to get dressed and wheeled to the car. I remember my Hubby waking me up…asking something about Chicken Fries…then being told walk up and eat….somehow I ate the chicken….

I remember my Hubby trying help me get a t-shirt on….then nothing until 6:33am this morning!!

I am still very groggy….out of it. As I get more wits about me I will share any difference that I feel in my body. 

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