Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Friday was the Ketamine Infusion….I was sedated and kept asleep the entire time. Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day sleeping. I could just not stay awake! I went to bed early last night and slept hard.

It has been amazing to really sleep….even if it is the result of the medications in my system! LOL

Today I am still groggy….however, I do not feel disoriented like I was yesterday. I am also noticing that my pain has changed….the edge has been removed…the intense stabbing and throbbing has calmed….

I feel aching in my feet….I still have numbness and tingling all over….I can only say that there is a difference….

It is hard to find words to express….I can only attempt to relay that this has actually helped me.  I don’t know how long it will last….I don’t know when my next infusion will be.

I will continue to update….and write more when my brain is not so blurred!!  LOL

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