Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Start of Week Two

It is now going into the second week after my Ketamine Infusion. I would have to say that the extreme edge is still absent….I am dealing with itching, burning, deep body aches, extreme fatigue, extreme Fibro Fog, muscle weakness…that affect my entire body.  The numbness is still on the right side of my face and neck…..

In reading this…you may be thinking….”What relief?”  I will say the intensity of the headache is much less….also the stabbing and throbbing is absent…

Just a few symptoms absent….make a HUGE difference!

I am doing my best to keep up with my daily stretching….enjoying the wonderful sunshine while relaxing in the hammock…

So ready to be able to manage just a short walk!  The constant refocus of what can be done is such a challenge!  Like the few entries I needed to make on the computer for my Husband’s business….something that should have taken no more than five minutes took me one full hour!  At least I was able to complete the task!  LOL

Those not dealing with our hidden illnesses/conditions cannot begin to comprehend the frustration…the intense patience we must have…the struggle with depression….the constant need to help distract….while realizing that this IS and WILL BE our reality!

Our only hope is that we will eventually reach a point that we can balance some form of a “normal” life….even though it will be very different from our life before…

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