Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


I had to use this again!  The perfect image as we each celebrate and remember you on this, Your Birthday!!


11202828_852369534837204_2273386835568988339_o I am reminded of your 30th birthday!  You were SO nervous because I was in charge of the cake! LOL

To your relief, we celebrated with a CareBear cake!  I could think of no other way to help mark such a great event then to play with our nickname for you…along with your favorite CareBears!  LOL

Your nephew and niece treasured the little CareBear figurines that you gave them after blowing out your candles!

Such precious memories!  A moment frozen in time…..

Each of us holds so many beautiful, precious moments!  We continue to laugh…to share…to cry…to uphold each other…..

We are finding strength by sharing….by retelling stories….by looking at pictures….by making sure that we continue to be a part of each others lives….

You have forever joined so many….from different backgrounds….

We continue to feel shock and emptiness….yet also…a sense of peace….that only God can provide…

This is a first for us….your birthday….without you….

This is a painful first…no easy way to say it….IT SUCKS!!!

We will get through this….we will grow….we will become closer….as we draw upon each other’s strength….

And…each of us will be thinking of you….celebrating you….my Dearest Sister, Carrie, in their own way…

Love you….forever…and always!

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