Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Beyond Fibro!

Those of us with Fibromyalgia typically have other issues…we may have concurrent issues or a history of conditions…the main thread connecting us all….is our Fibro connection…

I have dealt with a convoluted and complex health history….causing specialist after specialist to just look at me with pain and sincere concern in their eyes..nothing they can do!  Wishing that they had more….

I know many of you have dealt with similar situations!

Fibromyalgia is overwhelming….yes…it is “supposed” to be a nerve related condition…yet, it deprives us of sleep….it restricts our ability to move and to interact…then add any type of stress and we are open for attack!

The first of this month (May) brought the first anniversary of my Sister’s death….dealing with that and her upcoming birthday…..stress enough!  Then add the nasty head cold that my weakened condition embraced.  (My Hubby tried so hard to not share the crud!!)

My condition spiraled out of condition!  Being so further weakened by the nasty crud while still reeling from the anniversary of the loss off my baby sis….you can only imagine…my weakened system further succumbed!

I am no dealing with a urinary tract infection….my Fibro is flaring…no hope in sight!  LOL

This is hidden truth of those of us with hidden conditions/illnesses such as Fibro!  We appear healthy on the outside….yet our insides are in an immense struggle!  Add stress and the exposure to illness….and we are then taken hostage!

I have read that Fibro is nerve related and not implicated in any way with our immune systems….yet the truth is…Fibro may be nerve related…yet…its impacts are beyond our nerves….due to the lack of sleep…the continuous pain….the numbness/tingling and so many other issues…wear us down!  This makes us susceptible to illness…

Add illness on top of Fibro (plus whatever other concurrent ailments we are dealing with….like Lupus, Arthritis, etc.)….we are further weakened for other infections….

All of which further flare our Fibro symptoms…..not to mention the fact that having Fibro and all of the associated illnesses/conditions hamper our ability to recuperate….

It can make one just want to scream!!!!

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