Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Life at Home

A recent visit from some dear friends expressed the importance of those of us that are living at home….separated from the world…our health preventing us from physically participating with others.

It is hard to explain what it is like to those can easily walk out of their homes to hop a bus…to walk…or to get into a vehicle and head off to a destination without thought.

For those of us…like myself…the idea of a ride in the car is the highlight of day!  Even though we know that we will be worn out…that it will take a toll…

I know that the hardest part for me has been the separation from people….the fact that the only interaction is my hubby and son…not that this is bad…it is just not normal!  Just think!  Think of the number of coworkers…friends….you come into contact with on a day to day basis….if they just suddenly disappeared???

I have come to appreciate the weekly visits of some dear friends….while I struggle with the fact that our Church in a neighboring community has not yet been able to find someone willing to bring Communion….

I see there are many opportunities to serve those that are homebound….I feel that God has  blessed me with this first hand opportunity…to see the need….as I am one….

I am no where near able to help anyone else….I just hope that those reading this can see how important their “ability” is for those of us that are bound by our physical restraints.

Do not take me wrong…I am thankful for my loving husband and son…for our neighbors and friends….and family that provide help and strength….I am being made much more profoundly aware of others….

Others trapped within the walls of their homes….I worry that they do not have the support system that I have….that they are yearning to talk to someone….

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