Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

As I had previous posted, the Ketamine Infusion had changed up my symptoms.  This afternoon we did something as a family that we rarely do….we went to the movies!  Yes went to the earliest Matinee showing…and yes…I took a nap before we went.

Sitting through a movie is not pleasant. Constantly fidgeting…shifting because of the discomfort. Then…BAM….my body came out of the little bit of a protective cover that the treatment had provided. It took all my effort and focus to not start screaming…..all I could do was shift….try to watch the movie….shift….

The burning sensations became so overwhelming…so fast…..my body is still on fire….clothing hurts (it is causing stabbing sensations into my chest)….throbbing….numbness and tingling are more intense…..no need to continue.

I will be checking in with my pain specialist this week to review where I am….to find out if he thinks another infusion will possibly provide a bit better relief….will be interesting to hear what he thinks.

For now….I must say it was wonderful having a brief period of time that allowed me to have that lower pain level….Level 10!  Now I am ramping back to what I would tell the nurse is a 20!

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