Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Four Walls

For many of us, the excitement in the day is a visitor at the door or the chance to go for a ride in the car…exhausting as either of these events can be.  It is an opportunity to connect with the outside world….the world that we only see via computer, TV, or reading….

We see the world outside the window….we might even be able to step out onto the deck or porch to sit for a short while…to feel the fresh breeze on our skin….to feel the warmth of the sun….

On some days we may not be able to walk farther than the restroom or the couch…we are forced to rest….to lightly stretch…to attempt to engage our minds somehow….

This past year and a half, especially, has really been an eye opener for me.  I had always pushed myself….doing as much as possible…no matter how much pain I was experiencing….yet I have found a blessing in being forced to be homebound.

It has opened my eyes to be more sensitive to others….to appreciate those that take the time to stop by and “check in”….to treasure the opportunities to sit outside or go for a ride…I understand the increased pain or symptoms brought by these.

I see the importance of visiting those that are homebound or shut-ins…a ministry that is often neglected….not intentionally of course….just not on the forefront…

I have a strong desire to become involved to help others experiencing this….I don’t yet know how….at this point I can only encourage those that do stop in…to let them know how important their visit is…

I hope to regain enough strength….to regain my ability to focus….to not suffer so badly from Fibro Fog so that I can offer to visit others…(this is my dream….a lofty goal).

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