Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Reality Setting In

I had my second Ketamine Infusion on Friday…..so far my body is not responding at all like the first time.  Yes…I did spend the weekend sleeping…just like the first time….yet by now I was feeling some change in symptoms.

Yesterday the burning just kept escalating!  It was so overwhelming that I just had to give up and curl up in bed at 5:30 PM last night!  Curled up and kept praying to be able to relax…to rest….to somehow get the intense burning and overly sensitive skin to calm….it took hours before I was able to finally give in and sleep…

Today I am still experiencing the burning on my right side….having nasty cramps in my right wrist and left foot!  My chest hurts so much….just from the pressure of my light weight shirt!

I feel the tears….I want to cry!  Yet…that would help nothing!

I can only wait for the next day or two…to see if there will be any positive change in symptoms…

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